the felt's pet robo carapace

Yellow Roses and Ribbons

>SS: Calm the fuck down and think.

Your name is Spades Slick and you are dead. Well, you were dead, only for you to wake up in one Jack Noir’s body. You’re pretty sure it isn’t just as simple as that though, but you definitely aren’t going to be having an existential crisis. Not right now, not when your time is so limited.

>SS: Consider your options.

You figure you have three things you can do right now. First, you’re Spades Slick in the Felt Mansion, and everyone here still thinks you’re on their side. But that’d be suicide. They’re still a lot more than you, and it’s a guaranteed ticket to being reprogrammed again.

Your second option is to go to the Crew. Hunt them down, and let them know you aren’t really, really dead….but you don’t think you can go to them dressed like this. And you definitely can’t face them after what you’ve done. You aren’t ready to see them again, and you don’t want them to know what you’ve become.

Your final option is much closer. In fact, he’s right here in the Felt Mansion.

>SS: Visit Quarters.

You slam his door open and barge right in, not caring what he’s doing or if he’s even ready to see you again.

Quarters, you fucking son of a bitch!

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